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The Story behind Ocean County Appliances 4 Less

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Scratch & Dent

You can pocket substantial savings – potentially in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars - on renowned brands like GE, LG, and Samsung, because Open-Box appliances are priced significantly lower than their warehouse-packaged counterparts. This affordability opens the door for you to enjoy a more upscale model without the upscale price tag. And don't forget, your purchase here is also a step towards saving our planet. Scroll down to learn more!

What is Scratch & Dent Appliances, and how we get them?

  • These appliances might have acquired a ding, dent, or scratch during their journey from the factory to the retailer, or even while being transported from the delivery truck to a customer's home. Some were part of overstock, where retailers sought to clear excess inventory. Others were returned by customers who found them too big, too small, the wrong color, or simply had a change of heart. Additionally, a few were displayed as floor models in stores, akin to being 'no-box' items.

Can you trust Scratch & Dent Appliances?

  • Rest assured in Ocean County Appliances 4 Less' meticulous testing and certification process. We offer free warranty to add peace of mind. Plus, our Open-Box appliances originate from the trusted brands that already grace your kitchen and laundry room, caring for your everyday needs. 

Quality Assured by Our Testing & Certification Process 

  • Our name carries weight with hundreds of stores nationwide, signifying our unwavering commitment to quality. We hold every product, including those that undergo the Appliances 4 Less Testing and Certification Process, to the highest standards. This process is exhaustive, meticulous, and thorough - a testament to our dedication to ensuring every Open-Box appliance performs just like a brand-new one.

  • Each certified product undergoes the following steps:

    • Rigorous testing to ensure full, like-new functionality

    • Replacement of any missing parts

    • Replace with new parts for any mechanical defects discovered during testing

    • Comprehensive cleaning and sanitation

In the end, there is nothing to worry about. Knowing our transparency, solid warranty programs, and top-notch quality assurance have your back.

Save the Planet, One Scratch & Dent at a Time !

Choosing scratch & dent appliances is both a wise financial move and an eco-conscious choice. By giving these appliances a second life, you're preventing them from becoming part of the growing electronic waste problem. E-waste poses a global threat through improper disposal, including toxic chemicals seeping into soil and water. Opting for scratch & dent items reduces the need for new manufacturing and minimizes the disposal of perfectly functional products. It's a small yet impactful way to contribute to a healthier planet, one Scratch & Dent at a time. Thank you for choosing Ocean County Appliances 4 Less and for being a part of the solution to our planet's challenges

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